Mcbrides Rebel Bar 100% irlandais !

Mcbrides Rebel Bar will be showing all Matches 2016 EURO CUP from June 10th through July 11th!



As soon as you walk through McBride’s door, you’re hit with the friendly irish charm, the home from home feeling, and warming smile’s of the bar staff.

Located in the heart of paris, it makes it an ideal place for a quick pint or 2 and your destination for all sports :)

100% Craft IRISH Beer on tap is perfect for any beer lover!

Cant forget about our Lovely terrace that accommodates up to 5O people!

Reservations are welcome for any occasions!

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dimanche à jeudi : 10h00 - 02h00 / vendredi-samedi : 10h00 - 05h00

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